TeamSpeak Rules

the main rules of the servers and the teamspeak
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TeamSpeak Rules

Post by JordFx » Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:18 pm

This is the Teamspeak's Contractual term's

1: Racism is not tolerated nor accepted
2: Disrespecting people/members & staff is not tolerated nor accepted
3: Spam on our voice servers is not tolerated nor accepted
4: Joining staff rooms is not permitted without permission from staff "Evidence of permission is needed if asked for it"
5: Using the voice servers ftp server without permission is not tolerated nor accepted by members nor other people
6: Limiting open temporally rooms for a specific amount of people is not tolerated nor accepted "make a temporally password protected room is allowed"
7: New Terms can be added without bieng listed in that time bieng "if this is the case its our responsibility to enlighten people, if none information is given for new Terms is given, the individual person may be free of charge for that specific Incident

On entry to our Voice server you agree that you have read and understood our terms of use for all listed voice servers hosted by the Gpro Community @
if the user is in violation of our term's and conditions we have our right and obligation first handed to terminate access to our listed servers,

If you wish to apply a complaint after a ban please refer to this index and create a new topic @ and follow the guidelines "Make sure to read the post about how to write a decent appeal aswell before posting see the following link @

Best regards